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Wholesale Distributor Business Loans

Wholesalers purchase products directly from manufacturers and then resell these goods to retail outlets at a profit. Your wholesale company or distribution business is one part of an industry that contributes over $3.2 trillion in annual revenues across the US. While the premise seems simple, there are quite a few steps in between the “buy and sell” that must be managed effectively to ensure your company is running efficiently.

A successful wholesaler or distribution company must have the ability to strengthen key areas of the business that may not be operating at peak performance. At, we work alongside distributors and provide business capital that helps improve the operational efficiency of the business.

Some of the ways that a wholesaler or distributor can benefit from our capital injection plans are:

  • Free up much needed cash to make volume buys on hot selling goods. This can reduce unit costs and increase profit margins on items that are available in bulk.
  • Invest in new shipping containers, transportation vehicles, or trailers, which will help you move product more quickly. Turning over inventory rapidly is a key performance metric for distributors across many industries.
  • Bolster your sales force to more actively seek new business and spread the word about your distribution or wholesale business.

Our application process is quick and easy, and funding is generally available in a matter of days – not weeks or months like traditional banks or credit unions. When you need access to cash quickly, contact us. We are able to approve nearly 9 out of every 10 applicants, and can have business capital in your account when you need it.

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