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Trucking Business Loans

Trucking companies keep our country moving.

Without truck freight activities, our nation would come to a standstill and national productivity would diminish. Trucking companies may specialize in short haul or local delivery activities, or they may focus on long haul, over the road freight hauling. No matter which type of trucking company you operate, access to sources of capital is of paramount importance.


At, we serve all industry types – but we’re acutely focused on the needs of trucking companies and freight haulers.

Our capital funding options will help keep you on the road and making money. We don’t provide merchant cash advances or other non-traditional loan types, rather, we simply purchase your receivables at a discount and provide the cash directly to you. We’ll even establish a daily direct-debit ACH program to help you repay your small business funding. This means no missed payments and no big monthly amount to have to worry about.

Here are some of the ways that we can help your trucking company:

  • Purchase new vehicles to increase the amount of freight you’re able to move
  • Boost your advertising or marketing budget to reach more potential clients
  • Complete periodic maintenance or high dollar repair jobs on your fleet
  • Bring your trucks up to current DOT standards or retrofit equipment on your vehicles

As the owner of your trucking company, you can do what you please with additional business capital. After all, you know your business the best. If you’re ready to make a positive change and want to address the short to medium term financial issues that your business is facing, contact us today at 1-866-680-8971. You’ll be glad you did!