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Retail Business Loans

Retail businesses range from simple “mom and pop” shops to more elaborate warehouse-sized operations. Retailers may sell clothing, automotive parts, bed and bath items – practically anything that the consumer demands today. Regardless of the size and scope of your retail business, there will be a time when you’ll need to secure access to business capital. At, we specialize in helping businesses of all types get much needed cash – and retailers are no exception!

The workflow is incredibly simple! In fact, we’ll make the entire application, underwriting, and funding process so easy that you’ll wonder why you ever considered going to a bank or credit union for business capital. Here’s how it works:

  • First, apply online via our secure website or call us at 866-680-8971 to speak with a loan representative. We’ll gather the pertinent information about you and your company and also ask you to provide a few pieces of documentation along the way.
  • Next, we’ll seek an approval for your application. Oftentimes we’re able to get an approval within a day, and we approve nearly 9 out of every 10 applicants so you’re bound to hear good news.
  • Within a day of your approval we’ll wire your business capital into your bank account – where it will be available for you to use as you see fit.
  • We will also establish repayment terms with you, and typically direct debit a small amount from your account each day – rather than one large monthly payment. This helps keep cash flow in check and eliminates big monthly bills that can catch you off guard.

We have helped retailers across the nation grow their businesses and improve their financial position through an influx of business capital. When you’ve decided to meet your financial obligations head on and invest in the continued success of your business, we’ll be right there beside you.  Contact us today at 866-680-8971 to get started – you’ll be glad you did!