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Manufacturing Business Loans

Manufacturing is big business across our nation, yet as a country we sometimes tend to forget about the inherent power of our collective group of domestic manufacturing facilities.


While big automotive factories often come to mind when the topic of manufacturing comes about, it is important to understand that much of our domestic production comes out of smaller operations. If you are a business owner who is involved in manufacturing products for either the domestic or international markets, you’ll inevitably find a need for capital funding at some point.


At, we specialize in providing funding options for many business owners across the nation.

And, as a manufacturer, you’ll find that our receivables purchasing program aligns perfectly with your business model. We’ll purchase your future receivables at a discount, and will then be able to wire a lump sum of money directly to your business bank account. Use the capital for whatever you need – it’s your business after all! We’ll direct-debit a small amount each day as repayment, which means you don’t even have to think about making a large monthly payment. It’s so simple, we can often complete the entire process in a matter of days, not weeks or months like banks or credit unions!

Here are some of the ways that a capital infusion from can help your manufacturing business:

  • Invest in new equipment that will increase production levels and enhance profitability
  • Order more raw materials to guarantee your ability to fill large future orders
  • Meet payroll or other variable costs of doing business
  • Complete facility improvement projects that will help you run more efficiently
  • Increase your advertising or marketing capabilities to drive in more business

Our application process is quick and simple, and we’ve been able to approve 85% of all applicants. Apply today, or contact us at 1-866-680-8971 for more information. We’re ready to partner with you today to help address your short to medium term financial needs.