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Business Service Loans

At, we serve industries of all types.

If your company is involved in business services of any type, we have the small business funding solutions that will help you grow your business, satisfy your client base, and acquire a larger book of customers. Companies that are involved in business services generally offer a non-tangible service to companies of all sizes, and partner with these businesses to help address specific problems or opportunities.


An example of a business services company is any business that offers IT support services to another company. The support work doesn’t help the needy company sell more units, but it does keep the company moving.

We understand that there are times when your business could use some financial support, and that’s where our partnership begins.

We provide an assortment of financial tools that are designed to help get your business back on track. Our receivables purchasing program allows you to receive a lump sum amount of cash upfront, while we purchase your account receivables at a discount. This permits you to take care of any short to medium term financial need, without having to turn to less advantageous means of capital sourcing – like cash advances or payday loans.

Some of the ways that our receivables purchasing programs can help are:

  • Purchase new or used equipment to help your business grow
  • Invest in marketing or advertising materials to increase market penetration
  • Manage the seasonal nature of your business with extra cash on hand
  • Pay large bills that are time sensitive – like taxes or mortgage payments
  • Buyout a partner or invest in a new business

With a quick and simple application process and funding that is typically available in just a few days, is your source for small business capital funding. Apply today or contact us at 1-866-680-8971 for more information. You’ll see just how easy it is to get the business funding you need – at terms that will help you build your business.