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Restaurant Business Loans

As a restaurant owner or purveyor of a bar or tavern, you know a thing or two about hard work.

While any small business owner understands that long hours, an inconsistent income stream, and stress-filled days are part of the whole package – running a food or drink establishment takes a unique kind of individual.


Most restaurant and bar owners are passionate about their business in a way that many small business owners envy.

Food becomes art, and this art is shared with appreciative customers. But, in today’s cost-focused environment, consumers have come to expect a lot for a little. Many restaurants and bars fail within their first five years in business, and lack of access to small business funding is the most common reason.

At, we specialize in partnering with businesses of all types to help you meet your financial obligations and continue to grow.

For restaurants and bars, here are some of the ways in which we can help your business succeed through an injection of capital:

  • Purchase new equipment that may increase your efficiency level and help you deliver a better product
  • Manage fluctuations in payroll expenses during busy times of the year
  • Complete facility repair projects or upgrades to your restaurant or bar
  • Pay for supplies well in advance of a big party or event
  • Pay business taxes or license fees to help keep your company current

There are so many ways that an injection of capital from can help. How you use your proceeds is up to you – but we’re convinced that a partnership with us is a recipe for success. Simply apply today – we’re often able to provide funding in a matter of days, not weeks or months like banks and credit unions. And, our receivables purchasing program means you aren’t pledging equipment or your building as collateral. Our success is tied to yours, and we want to make the entire process as simple as possible. Contact us today at 1-866-680-8971 to see just how quickly you can receive the business capital you need.